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  • Horizontal Oil and Gas Well Drilling Reinforces a Business Model for Success

    Technology continues to enhance the economics of exploration and development in shale plays across the country. In 2003-2004, it became clear that horizontal drilling could change the future of exploration.

    With the introduction of horizontal drilling, although more expensive than vertically drilled oil and gas wells, the initial flow rates and ultimate recovery rates have proven they can outperform vertical oil wells. Horizontal well drilling, along with continued advancements in frac design such as multi-stage and simo-frac completions, has been increasing the ultimate reserve recovery.

    The Barnett Shale is now one of the largest producing natural gas fields in the country. As the gas/natural gas phase of the Newark, East Barnett Shale field continues to expand; technology may serve to further increase this already impressive region.

  • Dual simultaneous multi-stage focus frac can expose additional exploitable pay and helps to penetrate more of the productive area. Click to open enlarged image.

  • Natural Gas or Gas Horizontal Shale Well Drilling Video

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